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Follow the Science: On Lockdowns and Liberty

2020 was an unprecedented year in human history. The advent of SARS-CoV-2 was a catalyst for deep societal division and turmoil, government action unparalleled in the modern liberal world, and the severe disruption of long-accepted norms of human interaction and commerce.

Some of the most profound divisions resulted from divergent interpretations of the data, conflicting beliefs about how risk should be handled on a social level, and contradictory understandings of the appropriate role of governmental institutions in solving crises. These rifts were exacerbated by the politicization of what should have been a purely scientific matter.

The mainstream narrative, professed by the vast majority of politicians and media personalities, largely accepted  – without question –  that disruptive lockdowns and mask mandates were critical tools for solving the crisis of the pandemic.

Those who challenged this conventional wisdom were often mocked, bullied and de-platformed. Those who suggested that there might be better solutions or who warned of dire consequences, potentially even more severe than the virus itself, were shunned and accused of being irrational and heartless.

Follow the Science: On Lockdowns and Liberty examines this tension between the mainstream narrative and those challenging it, dives deeply into the data, and tells the stories of lives disrupted and damaged by the sweeping choices that were made, focusing largely on the American landscape.

This project will have two phases: PHASE ONE will be a 20-30 minute documentary that will focus largely on the data and the personal stories and will likely be released in the Fall of 2021. PHASE TWO will be a multi-episode docu-series that will build on the material from the shorter version and will spend more time analyzing the causes of the deep division and the implications for the future.  This second-phase, full-length project should be released sometime in the first half of 2022.

Your contribution now will help us get the 20-30 minute film completed and lay a strong foundation for the documentary series!!

  • Anyone who recognizes that the truth of the pandemic situation may be more nuanced than we have been led to believe by our politicians and pundits will want to support this endeavor.
  • Anyone who values a truly scientific, data-driven approach to understanding the pandemic and is skeptical that the public officials have sufficient answers to cavalierly and severely disrupt the lives of individuals around the globe will find this documentary worthy of their donation.
  • Anyone who understands that the underpinnings of civilization itself are being threatened, both through the unprecedented use of government force and the suppression of heterodox viewpoints, will want to get behind this project.

Our mission is to get this perspective out into the world in a highly engaging and persuasive format in order to prevent these kinds of invasive and divisive approaches from ever being implemented again.

Making a high-quality, engaging and persuasive series requires talent, resources and time. Your contribution will help us:

  • hire the right team of skilled professionals (director, producers, editors, composer, etc.)
  • craft high-quality graphics and animations to clearly illustrate the data
  • make a film that truly reaches hearts and minds and influences how people think about these important matters
  • bring the right interview subjects on-board the project to help us make the best case possible
  • go a long way to help us market the finished project so that we can get it in front of as many minds as we can manage

Tell Us Your Story

We’re looking for stories about those adversely impacted by the political decisions around the pandemic. How did the lockdowns impact you or your friends, family, neighbors or acquaintances? Examples of the kinds of stories we’re looking for could be:

  • someone whose business has suffered or been shut down from the lockdowns
  • someone denied important medical care because of the political response
  • a child who has experienced a particularly difficult time with distanced schooling
  • a child whose dreams have been deferred or derailed due to activities being shut down
  • someone who has suffered from depression or suicidal thoughts as a result of the political response
  • a college-bound student who can no longer attend because the family’s savings have been depleted due to the lockdowns
  • someone whose addictions have resurfaced and negatively impacted their life due to the lockdowns

You may send us your story in the form of text only, but if you’re willing, we’d love to get your story in the form of a video, which we might use for the purpose of promoting the project.  If you’re willing to do so, please make as high-quality a recording as you can and send us a link to the file using Dropbox or Google Drive or a similar method. Please also state in your submission: “I give the SoundMind Creative Group the permission to use the video [title of video] for the promotion of their documentary project ‘Follow The Science’.” If we decide we wanted to use this for other purposes in the future or do a more extensive interview with you, we would of course contact you for that down the line.

Please be assured, privacy of everyone will be respected – we will not share any details without permission of the parties involved.

If you have problems with the form or prefer to send via email, you can also contact us here:

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