SoundMind Creative Group is comprised of professional filmmakers of all types that share a passionate commitment to:

  • freedom of expression and the uninhibited exchange of ideas
  • a belief in objective reality as well as the essential subjective imagination of the artist
  • an understanding that the scientific method is a process of aiming to understand the world, not settled doctrine
  • the right of every person to live and pursue the best life they can imagine without forceful interference from any person, organization or government
  • the idea that decentralized knowledge and actions create a spontaneous and effective social order that best serves the interests of all individuals
  • an understanding that stories and various forms of self-expression are a critical aspect of human flourishing and an essential tool in understanding and sharing truth

We, the founding members of SoundMind, share decades of frontline entertainment industry experience among us. We have created SoundMind as an umbrella production company for member creatives who wish to retain a level of privacy, allowing them a platform to freely create without fear of harmful pushback from those who may find our shared ideas challenging.  We recognize that Cancel Culture is, sadly, a real phenomenon in today’s world. We vehemently oppose this trend and have established SoundMind as a protective space where member artists of all kinds can share perspectives and ideas that may at times run counter to the mainstream, “acceptable” narrative.